Preliminary Modeling

ViaExpert——Via Modeling and Simulation



The impedance discontinuity in the signal path has a very significant impact on the signal integrity of the high-speed channel. When designing a mid-range clock, a three-dimensional full-wave electromagnetic field simulation algorithm must be used to simulate the discontinuous effect of vias in the high-speed transmission channel. ViaExpert is a three-dimensional full-wave electromagnetic field simulation software that provides a fast and accurate method to analyze the impact of vias on simulation results, and check the signal integrity index parameters of key signals, including differential loss, return loss and crosstalk.


Key Features 1696749638582079.jpg

• It has built-in multiple pre-simulation templates, mainstream connector templates and overlay databases to support rapid 3D modeling, simulation analysis and performance optimization.

• Support layout editing through 2D window, quickly create and modify simulation models, and add / edit ports for locations such as wiring, through holes, and pads.

• Support custom restriction zone function, the shape of the restriction zone can be defined by drawing.

• Support adding structures such as solder balls, solder tin, and teardrops.

• Support parametric scanning functions, such as parametric scanning and optimization simulation of physical parameters of vias and transmission lines. Definable parameters include physical parameters of various templates such as anti-pad size, backdrill depth, outlet layer, etc.

• Integrated three-dimensional full-wave electromagnetic field simulation engine FEM3D solver supports any three-dimensional structure simulation.