Power Semiconductor Device



With the development of emerging industries such as new energy, electric vehicles, and Industry 4.0, there has been a rapid increase in the demand for power semiconductor devices. These are mainly used in fields like photovoltaic energy storage, charging piles, automotive electronics, data centers, industrial control automation, and rail transit. IGBT is currently the most mature and widely used power semiconductor device in high-power switching components. It combines the advantages of high input impedance of MOSFETs and low conduction voltage drop of BJTs. With its low drive power and reduced saturation voltage drop, it is a core component in energy conversion and transmission, known as the 'CPU of electronic power devices,' and has immense development potential. Power semiconductor devices face challenges of high power, high reliability, and high-temperature resistance. In the design process, it is necessary to systematically consider issues such as physical layout, electrical, thermal, magnetic, and stress reliability in advance.



Xpeedic offers a one-stop EDA solution for components of power semiconductor device modules, such as IGBT chips, bonding wires, packaging structures, drive and protection circuits, etc.:

• Genesis provides a schematic and package layout design platform for power semiconductor devices, integrating a rich library of Symbols and packaging types. Its interactive semi-automatic wiring routing function helps users quickly complete layout planning and physical layout realization.

• The Notus platform provides an electrothermal and stress analysis workflow solution, considering both device and Joule heat influences for accurate assessment of system temperature changes. Based on thermal analysis, it completes static analysis under temperature field excitation, thus providing thermal stress analysis results of the model, effectively predicting and assessing the stress reliability of the design.