Preliminary Modeling

XPLM——Simulation Process and Data Management



XPLM is based on the new generation of Web architecture, which includes  four levels architecture: Basic API , Webservice layer, functional layer, and user layer. It has basic simulation data, process and knowledge management functions, with good scalability and openness. XPLM functions cover data management, document browsing and editing, 3D visualization, configuration management, model management, data tracing and other functions. Supports HPC simulation scheduling management and simulation result browsing; supports unified model library and material library management, helping users obtain accurate model data more conveniently and improve simulation accuracy and efficiency. Supports authorized statistical management of various software, helping users configure software and hardware resources accurately by operational requirement.

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XPLM includes basic simulation data and process and knowledge management basic module functions, simulation scheduling management module-- JobQueue, material management module-- LibManager, and license management module-- LicenseManager. It realizes flexible simulation scheduling, simulation process monitoring, simulation result browsing, simulation data management, and provides a flexible library management module to facilitate user calls, and provides abundant material data to help users achieve accurate simulation.

• JobQueue module is used to submit, monitor and manage simulation jobs, supports Xpeedic tools, provides open interfaces, and supports third-party tools.

• The LibManager module is used to import, search, and manage various libraries, including HDL , IPD , PDK libraries, etc. The system provides library operation history information and version control.

• The License Manager module is used for certificate control, software usage statistics, software supplier management, etc., which greatly improves the efficiency of software resource usage and management.

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