Preliminary Modeling

TmlExpert——Transmission-line Modeling and Simulation



TmlExpert is a modeling and simulation tool for transmission lines, which is fast and accurate. It provides a fast and convenient method to create transmission line models by the templates. TmlExpert can help users to quickly assess the signal integrity from simulation result, such as characteristic impedance, insertion loss, return loss, and crosstalk, etc. In TmlExpert ,a variety of commonly used templates are built-in, especially the supporting of stackup, which allow a faster evaluation of board level impedance controls. Advanced templates such as serpentine routing, tabbed routing, GCPW, glass weave, and grid ground lines, cover mostly complex transmission line scenarios, and allow users to build complex models quickly with less experience. Moreover, 2D RLGC, 2.5D MoM and 3D FEM solvers are used to ensure the efficient and reliability.


Key Features1696749638582079.jpg

• A variety of commonly used transmission line templates are built-in, calculation and inverse calculation are both available. Templates include microstrips, striplines, coplanar waveguides, etc. Have both substrate and stackup modes, and support the seting of soldermask , dielectric model, conductor roughness, and parameter sweeping , etc.

• Multiple complex transmission line templates for fast modeling and simulation.

• Fast 3D FEM and 2D solver offer better solution.

• Make the model check easier and more intuitive with 3D view function.

• Use the SnpExpert tool to display the S parameters and TDR curves.