New energy —— Accelerate the green development



Driven by the objective of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality", countries around the world use renewable energy ( solar energy, wind energy, water energy, geothermal energy, etc.) or non-fossil energy (nuclear energy, hydrogen energy, etc.) to replace traditional fossil energy. With the increasing global awareness of environmental protection and the continuous innovation of new energy technologies, the new energy industry is becoming one of the world's hottest investment areas, among which the photovoltaic, wind power and energy storage markets are thriving and growing significantly.


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Under the transformation of the energy industry, the power semiconductor market will significantly benefit from the booming development of photovoltaic, wind power, energy storage and other applications in the new energy field. The electric energy directly generated by wind or photovoltaic needs to be converted into electric energy through converters, inverters, etc. Power devices, as their core electric energy conversion devices, are experiencing significant growth in demand. The demand for power devices in energy storage converters is considerable. Power devices face design challenges of high power, high reliability, and high temperature resistance. During the design process of power devices, physical layout, electrical, thermal, magnetic, and stress reliability need to be systematically considered in advance so that risks and problems could be avoided at the early stage.


For the fields of new energy like photovoltaics, wind energy and energy storage, Xpeedic provides EDA solutions for power chips, devices and complete systems to address the challenges of high power, high reliability, high temperature resistance and other requirements.