Industrial equipment —— Build the intelligent system



Industrial equipment generally refers to various equipment and tools used in industrial fields to improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and enhance product quality. The "Industry 4.0" strategy in Germany  and "Made in China 2025" vision plan have been proposed to meet the future demands. With the continuous advancement of ICT technologies, the automation and digitalization of industrial equipment will keep strengthening and become a driving force for industrial development.


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Driven by the development of 5G and artificial intelligence technology, industrial equipment is undergoing the digital transformation. Concepts such as industrial Internet, intelligent manufacturing, 5G connecting everything, and AI empowering thousands of industries are constantly emerging which provide solutions for the intelligent and automated upgrading of industrial equipment. The network connection of industrial equipment requires a large number of communication modules to support various communication protocol standards, such as 5G, WiFi6, RedCap, etc., and meet data transmission rate requirements. Through cloud, edge and localized artificial intelligence deployment, efficient and automated operations can be achieved with reduced manual intervention and improved production efficiency. Localized artificial intelligence also requires built-in computing and storage modules in industrial equipment to ensure that instructions can be responded to as quickly as possible. In the future, the introduction of incremental components (computing, storage and communication) into industrial equipment will be the mainstream trend.


Industrial equipment is undergoing a digital transformation stage with the ICT technologies, such as 5G connection, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and so on. Xpeedic provides EDA solutions for the design of computing, communication, storage chips and complete machine systems, and enables the digital development of industrial equipment products.