Press Release

Xpeedic Cloud Platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

EDA flow for design and verification of IC, package and system becomes more and more complex with advanced process nodes powered by Moore’s Law and advanced packaging by More than Moore.  Engineering simulation requires heavy investment in IT infrastructure with high performance server farms. Moreover, the demand for high performance computing resources is sometimes fluctuating and unpredictable due to ever decreasing design cycle time and time to market. Building IT infrastructure to cover the peak demand becomes not only challenging but also not economical.

Transforming the EDA flow from the on-premises IT infrastructure to the cloud environment enables both scalability and agility required for performance-critical EDA workloads.  The cloud provides the ability to scale the infrastructure up and down depending on business needs. On-demand scalability helps semiconductor companies to achieve the IT agility and pay only for what they are actually using.

Xpeedic provides EDA solution spanning from IC, packaging to system with its proprietary electromagnetic solver technologies. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a secure, agile, and scalable platform with a comprehensive set of services and solutions supporting EDA in the cloud. Migrating Xpeedic’s EDA solution to AWS allows customers to take advantage of the near infinite compute, memory, storage, and resource available in AWS, which can significantly accelerate their design cycles and time to market.

Xpeedic cloud solution built on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) supports a wide range of instant types including the compute-optimized ones and the memory-intensive ones. Xpeedic’s EM solver technologies support both multi-core parallelism and distributed computing, which makes them suitable for cloud computing. Xpeedic’s own job scheduler JobQueue manages the computer resource and prioritizes the simulation jobs. With the near infinite resource available in the AWS cloud, Xpeedic can now help its customers to achieve scalability for their most demanding simulation jobs.