Press Release

Xpeedic On-Chip Passives EM Simulation Suite Certified for Samsung Foundry 8LPP Process Technology


Xpeedic today announced that its on-chip passive EM simulation suite has been certified by Samsung Foundry on its advanced 8LPP (8nm Low Power Plus) process technology. The certification of Xpeedic’s fast 3D planar EM simulator IRIS and automated fast PDK model generation tool iModeler enables IC design companies to accelerate their delivery of 8LPP designs.

Samsung Foundry's 8LPP technology delivers optimized power, performance and area over previous generations of its advanced FinFET nodes. 8LPP provides great benefits for applications including mobile, networking, server, automotive and cryptocurrency, and is regarded as one of the most attractive process nodes for many other high performance applications.

“As the design complexity increases at advanced process nodes, accurate EM simulation is critical for our customers to achieve first-pass silicon success.” said Jongwook Kye, vice president of Design Enablement Team at Samsung Electronics,“With the qualification of Xpeedic's 3D full-wave EM suite, our mutual customers will be able to create models and run EM simulation with confidence.”

"We are very pleased that IRIS has been able to meet Samsung Foundry's accuracy requirement and thus certified for its 8LPP process," said Dr. Feng Ling, CEO of Xpeedic, "As a Samsung Advanced Foundry Ecosystem (SAFE) program member, Xpeedic will continue the collaboration with Samsung Foundry on various process technologies to help our mutual clients with innovative solutions and services.”

IRIS is the state-of-the-art EM simulation technology tailored to Advanced Process Nodes. It provides full-wave accuracy from DC to THz, and speedup with both multicore parallelization and distributed processing. It has sophisticated advanced process node features such as width/spacing-dependent metal bias, and widely adopted by fabless design companies. iModeler automates the PDK model generation with the rich set of built-in templates and the fast IRIS solver engine. It is ideal for PDK engineers to generate parameterized models.