Press Release

Xpeedic Releases Hermes PSI at DesignCon 2022


Santa Clara, CA — Apr 7, 2022 —Xpeedic today released Hermes PSI, a new SI/PI analysis platform for package and board designs at DesignCon 2022, which is taking place at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA on Apr 5-7.

Hermes PSI is Xpeedic’s first power integrity analysis tool. Release 2022 first focuses on DC IR drop for package and board designs. It supports those commonly used PCB and package design formats and provides efficient DC PI analysis for the entire power delivery system. It enables users to check DC voltage drop, current and current density distribution. The simulation is flow based and easy to set up. The tool can report DC voltage drop and determine whether the power supply meets the specification requirements. Hermes PSI can also output corresponding voltage drop, current density and power density color map with layout-based color display and hotspot indication.

Besides Hermes PSI, Xpeedic also provides a major upgrade of its Advanced Packaging and High Speed Digital Solutions. The highlights are summarized as follows:

  •  With the further acceleration of its Method of Moments solver, Metis, the EM simulation for 2.5D/3DIC advanced packaging designs, delivers further improvement on performance and usability. Wizard flows are added for 2.5D/3DIC package analysis with step-by-step guidance. Many advanced features are improved including TSV support, PEC plane ports, and die-package stacking enhancements.

  • 3D EM simulation tool Hermes 3D supports multi-machine MPI simulation, and enables large-scale simulation of arbitrarily 3D structures including wire-bonding packages, connectors and cables, fiber weaves, and more. The new version adopts the new adaptive mesh technology that leads to higher simulation accuracy. It also has other improvements on usability and performance such as E/H field display, layout editing, wirebond batch editing, etc..

  • ChannelExpert provides a fast, accurate and simple method to evaluate, analyze and solve high-speed channel signal integrity problems. It supports IBIS/AMI simulations. With its schematic-like GUI and operations, it enables designers performing SerDes/DDR analysis to quickly build channels, run channel simulation, and check channel performance against compliance specs. ChannelExpert also includes other analyses such as statistical eye analysis and COM analysis.

  • The other tools in the expert suite including SnpExpert, ViaEpxert, CableExpert, and TmlExpert are further improved for S-parameter, via, cable, and transmission line analysis, respectively, with the enhanced usability and more built-in-templates.