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Chipletz Selects Xpeedic’s Metis Tool for its Smart Substrate Products


CUPERTINO, CALIF. –– September 20, 2022 –– Xpeedic confirmed today that Chipletz, a fabless substrate startup developing advanced packaging technology, adopted its Metis electromagnetic (EM) simulation tool for Chipletz's soon-to-be released Smart Substrate™ products that will enable multiple ICs in a single package.

“The slowing of Moore's Law and demand for compute performance is ushering in the era of advanced packaging and the increasing need for products like Xpeedic's,” remarks Bryan Black, CEO of Chipletz.

 “Xpeedic and its Metis EM simulation tool 
are helping us meet our unique signal and power integrity analysis challenges by delivering unprecedented performance advantages for runtime and memory usage.”

“The Chipletz Smart Substrate products will be a welcome addition to toolkits of designers working on advanced 2.5D and 3D IC packaging,” says Feng Ling, CEO of Xpeedic. “Smart Substrate will facilitate multiple ICs from different vendors in a single package, especially important for the AI workloads, immersive consumer experiences and high-performance computing markets. We're pleased to have a role in the delivery of this advanced packaging technology.”

Xpeedic's Metis is a fast EM simulation tool for advanced package simulation integrated with IC and package design tools to address capacity, accuracy and throughput requirements. Its three-dimensional EM solver technology delivers unprecedented performance without compromising accuracy. The single solver covers simulation from DC to high frequencies. It also supports multi-scale problems that enables unified EM simulations of die, interposer, and package for advanced packaging designs.

About Chipletz

Incorporated in 2021, Chipletz is a fabless substrate vendor developing advanced packaging technology that bridges the gap between the slowing of Moore's Law and the rising demand for compute performance. The company's Smart Substrate™ products facilitate multiple ICs in a single package for critical AI workloads, immersive consumer experiences, and high-performance computing. Chipletz is targeting delivery of its initial products to its customers and partners in early 2024.