Press Release

Xpeedic Announces Launch OF ChannelExpert Version 2015.01 for High Speed Channel Design

Shanghai, China. — July 13, 2015 —Xpeedic today unveils a new high speed channel design product: ChannelExpert Version 2015.01. ChannelExpert is a great addition to Xpeedic’s popular tools SnpExpert and ViaExpert. They provide SI engineers a better and efficient way to design today’s high speed digital circuitries.

High speed channel design is becoming more and more challenging because of the ever increasing data rate. At multi-gigabit per second data rate, channel designers must characterize all the pieces in the signal path from transmitter to receiver including connector, via, and trace, which are typically represented by either S-parameter blocks or RLGC transmission line (TML) model. Conventional SPICE-like circuit simulator has difficulty to efficiently handle the channel with mixed S-parameter and TML models, especially with large number of ports.

ChannelExpert provides a fast and accurate way to address the signal integrity issue arising from the cascaded network of S-parameter blocks and TML models. Its frequency domain cascading technology and 2D RLCG full wave transmission line solver enable quick and accurate channel simulation. Its intuitive graphic interface lets you easily design, analyze and optimize your high speed serial links for compliance with design standards.

“After the successful launch of first two tools, SnpExpert for S-parameter Exploration and ViaExpert for Via Modeling and Simulation, we are very excited to release ChannelExpert within our high speed signal integrity suite” said Dr. Feng Ling, CEO of Xpeedic. “With the increasing demand for more automated design flow, engineers feel that the traditional SI tools could not meet their goal in terms of efficiency and productivity. Xpeedic’s mission is to develop innovative tools and help engineers to break the technology barriers to design next generation electronic devices.”

Other highlights of ChannelExpert Version 2015.01 include:

  • Easy multiple channel creation by table with only one-click

  • Built-in substrate and stackup databases

  • Parametric S-Parameter and transmission line physical parameters for easy channel exploration

  • Integrate SnpExpert into ChannlExpert seamlessly to automate compliance check for popular standards like OIF CEI,IEEE 802.3 and others.