Press Release

Xpeedic Secures Series-B Funding Led by SMIC Fortune-Tech Capital and Shanghai IOT Capital

Suzhou, China. – August 6, 2015 – Xpeedic, a leading provider of EDA, IPD, and SiP solution, today held a signing ceremony, to officially accept the joint investment from SMIC Fortune-Tech Capital and Shanghai IoT Capital.

“With high speed wireless telecommunication, especially 4G LTE network, continuing to evolve, the RF front end of mobile devices becomes more and more complicated, and poses tremendous challenges to IC designs. Compared to the discrete components, Xpeedic’s IPD technology has great advantages in miniaturization, high performance and low cost,” said Yuwang Sun, President of SMIC Fortune-Tech Capital, “In the last few years, Xpeedic has worked closely with SMIC and developed first-pass IPD design flow to enable quick IPD prototyping and volume product. We are very optimistic about Xpeedic’s growth in the next few years.”

Ms. Wang Xiaolei, the partner at Shanghai IoT Capital, said, “with the latest wave of IoT, we have seen many technology development in the space of smart devices in China market, however, most by those foreign companies. Xpeedic, with its home grown products in EDA and IPD, can deliver their solution with better performance and more importantly more tailored to Chinese customers.. We see a huge market ahead of us for Xpeedic.”

Mr. Yu Xiekang, the Vice Chairman of China Semiconductor Industry IC branch, said, “In the last few years, system miniaturization is a key challenge for semiconductor industry. Compared to SoC (System-on-Chip) solution, SiP provides a viable solution to enable integration of digital, analog, and RF blocks into one single package. We anticipate the wide adoption of Xpeedic’s SiP solution by the industry.”

Dr. Feng Ling, CEO of Xpeedic, said, “Xpeedic has made tremendous progress in developing industry leading EDA, IPD, and SiP solution since the start of the company in 2010. With this round of funding from the venture capitals with the resources in China’s semiconductor industry, we expect the even faster growth in the coming years.”