Press Release

Xpeedic Released EDA 2017

We are excited to announce the release of Xpeedic 2017 EDA software.

In this release, Xpeedic introduces new product IRIS Plus, many new features and enhancements, and most importantly the much improved solver engine with further speedup. The new release covers all three product lines: high speed signal integrity, RF IC design and high performance web solution, and further strengthens its product proposition: fast, accurate and user friendly.

What's the highlight in Xpeedic 2017

  • New product – IRIS Plus: based on the industry leading acceleration technology inside IRIS, IRIS Plus extends its powerful 3D EM solver engine from on-chip passives to RF/microwave chips, modules, packages, and boards. It fully supports SI and PI simulation flow for 2.5D interposer with TSV.

  • New solver: dramatic speed improvement in Xpeedic's proprietary FEM3D and Hybrid solver technology, leading to faster ViaExpert and TmlExpert simulation.

  • New feature – IRIS/iModeler: Industry-leading Virtuoso-integrated solution for fast EM extraction and PDK model optimization for RFIC passive devices with enhanced back-annotation function in IRIS and enhanced parameterized model generation in iModeler.

  • New feature – ChannelExpert: full channel extraction and simulation in both frequency domain and time domain; automated flow to sweep all the channels across arbitrary number of connected boards; support IEEE specs compliance mask, Channel Operation Margin (COM), NRZ and PAM4 eye-diagram analysis.

  • New feature – ViaExpert: Industry-leading via modeling and simulation tool. The latest FEM3D and Hybrid solver upgrade greatly improves the via simulation speed and accuracy.

  • New feature – SnpExpert: a complete S-parameter post-processing solution, such as gating, de-embedding, TDR/TDT, PAM4 eye diagram, Dk/Df extraction, S-parameter cascading, etc.

  • New feature – CableExpert: a fast and accurate cable modeling and simulation with multiple built-in templates on twinax cable, twisted cable, LVDS cable and IEEE 1394 cable.

  • New feature – TmlExpert: a fast and accurate transmission line modeling and simulation; built-in templates on tabbed routing, serpentine line, and fiber weave allows quick model build.

  • We will share more details about each product with you in the following email series and help you to shorten your product process from design to market.