Press Release

EDA Release – ViaExpert 2017

Xpeedic released the industry-leading 3D via modeling and simulation tool —— ViaExpert 2017 this month.

ViaExpert 2017 with the latest FEM3D and Hybrid solver upgrade greatly improves the via simulation speed and accuracy. It allows designers at the pre-layout stage to quickly build via model and check the key signal integrity metrics such as insertion loss, return loss, and crosstalk. At the same time, post-layout simulation of vias and trace breakout is also enabled. The built-in connector footprint and stackup databases provide another convenient way of via modeling and simulation.

What's new in ViaExpert 2017

  • Support trapezoidal trace for SMD template and AC Cap template.

  • Split one single via across multiple layers into three vias across the same layers, but fanout to different position based on trace width and offset setting in footprint window.

  • Add lumped edge port, lumped internal port and coax port for signal pad in SMD template.

  • Support signal trace routing in top layer directly without via transition in SMD template.

  • Support mirror antipad extraction from “Create model from layout” flow.

  • Export ViaExpert simulation model to CST, and convert ViaExpert port to discrete face port and wave port in CST.

  • Support both combined antipad and uncombined antipad for AC Cap template.

  • Provide interface for user to define power/ground net name pattern, and import power/ground net to ViaExpert by default.

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