Press Release

EDA Release – IRIS Plus 2017

We are excited to announce that Xpeedic released a new flagship product —— IRIS Plus 2017 for RFIC, Module, and PCB designs with option to simulate 2.5D interposer with TSV for SI and PI.

Based on the industry leading acceleration technology for multilayer structures, IRIS Plus 2017 enables fast and accurate 3D EM simulation of passive devices and interconnects for RF/microwave ICs, modules, packages, and circuit boards in Windows environment; fully supports 2.5D interposer SI and PI simulation flow.

What's new in IRIS Plus 2017

  • Implementation of Ribbon UI with the modern look and feel  as Microsoft Office products.

  • Support multi-threading of matrix solving for cases with multiple ports to improve solving speedup and efficiency.

  • Improve via merge and via array defeaturing efficiency in mesher with 2x speedup.

  • EM-friendly GDS layout importing and 3D layout building up.

  • Support importing net information of gds files.

  • Support identify nets of models, and create new SI/PI models based on selected nets.

  • Optimized group bump port adding flow, automatically identify net information of bump ports.

  • Support parametric and optimization sweep simulation for RFIC template and RFPCB template.

  • 3D CAD model view and net highlight feature provides direct visual check of the model.

  • Integrate SnpExpert to provide powerful S-parameter post-processing capability.

  • Add IRIS Plus plugin in ADS simulation environment for RFIC, MMIC and LTCC customers, and export ADS project to IRIS Plus directly.

  • Export IRIS Plus simulation project to HFSS for easy verification.

  • Support SI and PI simulation flow  for 2.5D interposer with TSV.

  • Powerful accelerated full-wave MoM solver integrated to solve large-scale interposer SI/PI problems.

  • Support via reduction for 2.5D interposer SI/PI simulation to improve simulation efficiency.

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