Press Release

EDA Release – IRIS 2017

We are glad to announce that Xpeedic released the fast EM simulation tool —— IRIS 2017 within its RFIC design solution this month.

IRIS 2017 provides a 3D fast EM simulation tool integrated in Cadence Virtuoso design flow. The fast 3D method of moments solver with both multi-core and distributed parallelization greatly reduces the EM simulation time thus improves the design efficiency. The seamless integration with Virtuoso not only enables designers to stay in the Cadence design environment to perform the EM simulation which avoids the manual and error-prone layout data conversion, but also realizes the perfect convergence to front-end for design verification by automatic back-annotation. This design flow will greatly help RF IC designers to reduce the design cycles and achieve first-pass silicon success.

What's new in IRIS 2017

  • Export equivalent circuit for inductor, MiM capacitor, MoM capacitor and transformer in both HSPICE or Spectre sub-circuit format based on GA optimization algorithm.

  • Support multi-threading of matrix solving for cases with multiple ports to improve solving speedup and efficiency.

  • Improve via merge efficiency in mesher with 2x speedup.

  • Support mesh of MiM capacitor consists of multiple metal layers connected together.

  • Support layer-by-layer via merge before create iCell to improve simulation efficiency.

  • Support layer-by-layer duplicate metal pattern removal before create iCell for more advanced technology node.

  • Support via layer with the same name across multiple metal layers when define technology file.

  • Support Virtuoso 5.1, Virtuoso 6.1 and Virtuoso ICADV 12.2.

  • Add IRIS plugin in ADS simulation environment for RFIC, MMIC and LTCC customers, and run IRIS mesher and MoM solver in ADS directly based on ADS simulation options.

  • Import Calibre and ADS technology file to Xpeedic Technology, and convert to IRIS technology file automatically.

  • Add IRIS port automatically based on pin name in Virtuoso Layout L, Layout XL or more advanced version.

  • Using additional thread to invoke mesher, and avoid block Virtuoso main window to improve IRIS usability.

  • Auto decide sheet, thick and 3D metal model for MoM solver based on metal thickness, width and spacing.

  • Display mesh element number in mesh view window.

  • Upgrade SnpExpert to 2017.01 release with lots of new features and also modern Ribbon UI look and feel.

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