Preliminary Modeling

Genesis——Package and PCB System Design



Genesis is a software platform for package and PCB board-level system design. It is the first proposed concept of "simulation-driven design" in the industry. It integrates the Xpeedic's simulation capabilities to perform collaborative analysis during different steps of before, during and after design , Identify and solve problems such as system circuitry, electromagnetics, power supply, and thermal simulation in advance at an early stage of the design process, to achieve an integrated solution of system design and simulation to improve product development efficiency.


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• The complete project management function module, includes four functions: design editor module entry, project data loading and backup, project library management module, project configuration and resource filtering and retrieval. Support users to effectively manage various libraries, input and output data resources for different sizes and types board-level and packaging design projects, during before and after the design; realize efficient collaboration between various functional modules in the design.

• Support schematic symbol library and circut design. Quickly create and edit schematic symbol libraries through three modes: manual, templated, and automatic extraction of PDF data, for simple and hierarchical schematic design, and also compatible with mainstream third-party design platform data's convertion.

• Integrate PCB library building and full-process interconnection design functions, based on netlist import, interactive placement, define design stackup and setup the electrical, physical and spacing rules, support the single-ended, differential and bus routing in 3 modes: highlight, hug and shave mode; Support dynamic and static copper definition, editing, merging and other common copper operations; Supports dynamic DRC and Gerber files export.

• It integrates the typical package substrate design functions of wirebond and flipchip products,  such as custom stackup, parametric  wirebond,  finger guideline, degassing hole, and ballmap export. It supports the co-design of die pads and footprints of different sizes and specifications of die and standard footprints which use for packaging substrate design, and integrates the conversion function of mainstream third-party packaging libraries.

• Support the unified data format of Xpeedic simulation platform, supports users to directly convert to various simulation platforms within the design, realizes online flying simulation of signal integrity, power DC and other common electrical and thermal simulations during the design process, to achive simulation-driven design; and the optimal solution of the simulation will be output into the rule file, which can be storaged and sorted out to reuse for other designs.

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