Preliminary Modeling

Hermes Layered——3D FEM Simulation for IC/PKG/PCB



Hermes is the industry's leading system-level three-dimensional electromagnetic field simulation platform. It provides package board-level signal model extraction, electromagnetic simulation of any three-dimensional structure, RLGC parameter extraction and board-level antenna simulation. It is based on a self-developed three-dimensional full-wave high-precision electromagnetic simulation engine. It can meet the efficiency and accuracy requirements of 3D modeling solutions, and can support cross-scale simulations from nanometer to centimeter levels. Distributed parallel computing capabilities help users complete accurate modeling and simulation and achieve rapid iteration of product design and development.

Hermes Layered is one of the Hermes processes that supports electromagnetic field simulation of packaging and board-level structures.

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Key Features  1696749638582079.jpg

• Support design file simulation of multiple packaging forms, such as WireBond , FlipChip and 2.5D/3D package.

• Support parametric scanning function, performs hypothesis analysis by changing properties such as pads, stacks, wiring layers, back hole depths, etc., and can easily compare the result curves. The unique electromagnetic field simulation engine can efficiently and accurately extract S parameters for designers, and optimize the design by changing physical parameters such as trace length, width, spacing, padstack, and stackup.

• Support lead frame package templates to create QFN and QFP structures.

• Use adaptive mesh technology, the initial mesh can be used to quickly resolve field information, and the grid will be refined and refined based on the area where the signal lines are located. On the premise of ensuring accuracy, the solution scale is greatly reduced and the simulation efficiency is improved.

• You can set up the XHPC interface and use Xpeedic's task management software JobQueue to automatically configure the simulation environment . You can use the command line to configure the simulation server . After the simulation is completed, the results will be automatically returned to the end user.

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