Preliminary Modeling

ChannelExpert——System SI/PI simulation platform for high-speed system



With the rapid development of cloud computing, the Internet and the Internet of Things, the electronics industry is driven by the development of semiconductor technology. The functions of products are more powerful, the integration is getting higher and higher, the signal speed is getting faster and faster, and the product development cycle is  also getting shorter. As electronic products continue to be miniaturized, sophisticated, and high-speed, high-speed channel design needs to fully consider the entire communication link from the transmitter, through holes, transmission lines to the receiver, and support the Buffer model ( IBIS/AMI ), S parameters, transmission lines models and Spice models for accurate simulation.

ChannelExpert provides a fast, accurate and simple method to analyze, evaluate and solve high-speed channel signal integrity problems, and has built-in industry-leading time domain simulation engine Xspice , 2D transmission line solver, convolution solver, and advanced analysis module.

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Key Features 1696749638582079.jpg

• SerDes statistical eye diagram analysis, built-in statistical eye diagram simulation engine, quickly obtain accurate BER and bathtub curve.

• It supports the SerDes pre-simulation process and evaluates and simulates the channel conditions in the entire system before the layout is completed.

• The DDR simulation process can construct circuit topology in bus form, perform transient, PDA , statistical, and convolution analysis, and support IBIS-AMI simulation of parallel buses .

• Support rapid creation of transmission line models.

• Hierarchical schematics enable users to perform advanced analysis on all parameters of interest, such as sweep, tuning, optimization, yield and DoE analysis.

• Support flexible post-processing and result analysis, and the built-in drawing module can easily display S parameters, v/t curves, eye diagrams, etc.

• Support Python script recording and playback functions.