Preliminary Modeling

XDS——RF / Microwave Circuit Design and Simulation



XDS is an industry-leading design simulation tool platform for RF and microwave circuits. It provides the entire process from schematic design simulation to layout design simulation, and supports cross-scale simulation and field-circuit combination of chip- package - PCB from nanometer level to centimeter level. simulation. XDS has a built-in rich RF device library and linear circuit simulation engine, spice simulation engine and high-precision MoM electromagnetic field simulation engine to provide an integrated environment for design, pre-imitation and post-imitation of RF circuits. It supports the import of third-party mainstream format layout files and the export of GDS files . And management and analysis of third-party device libraries. At the same time, it can provide unique solutions for the current mainstream BAW/SAW filter design, from filter topology selection, unit optimization, layout generation, production file output and other processes.


Key Features  1696749638582079.jpg

• Integrate the RF platform schematic diagram and layout design environment, and support field-circuit joint simulation.

• Various built-in RF device management libraries can be flexibly used for schematic and layout simulation design.

• Built-in 2D RLGC- based solver for fast simulation of transmission lines. Embedded Xspice simulation solver.

• Adaptive hybrid mesh technology enables cross-scale meshing with fewer meshes.

• Built-in powerful MoM multi-layer structure method of moment acceleration technology can quickly and accurately simulate complex electromagnetic effects, including conductor skin effect, proximity effect and multi-dielectric loss.

• Support LC filter synthesis. For Butterworth, elliptical, and Chebyshev LC , it supports automatic synthesis of relevant topology structures based on user-set indicators.

• Support third-party device library management and advanced opt/tuning/doe/yield/sweep and other analysis functions.