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MeasureExpert——Automated Measurement and Analysis



MeasureExpert is a automated measurement and analysis software tool that flexibly adapts to variety vector network analyzer devices in the industry. It integrates high-precision de-embedding algorithms to comprehensively measure the complex signal transmission characteristics of passive link channels. The analysis range covers the frequency domain and time domain. Help users quickly complete various complex automated tests and data processing, and improve product development and optimization efficiency.

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• Support Intel Delta-L 4.0 Methodology , and can make judgment analysis on the results by setting specification standards and tolerance range. Supports fast probe connection, convenient testing, and high-precision data processing. It can effectively remove the via / fixture effect to obtain accurate DUT loss and impedance data.

• Support S -parameter testing, which can analyze parameters such as loss, mode conversion, crosstalk, etc. Supports customized observation interval , and display the maximum, minimum, and average values of the interval, helping engineers quickly perform frequency domain analysis.

• Support TDR testing and can set the value interval and tolerance range. . After the test is completed, it will automatically make a decision, output the Pass/Fail result, and accurately analyze the signal characteristics in the time domain.