SiP Webinar: 5G RF IC Package Design Solutions


  • 5G RF IC Package Design Solutions


  • 09/24/2020, 10am-12am


  • Zoom Virtual Conference


5G High-performance Packaging Challenge and Solution

  • Presenter: Zachary Su, Xpeedic, AE Manager

  • Brief: With the increasing complexity of 5G RF front-ends, SiP system are becoming more and more adopted. We expect to find an EDA tool that can provide fast package modeling and simulation for various package types, especially SiP. It is best to support IC-package co-simulation and accurately capture package impact…

EDA simulation solution for 5G RF IC

  • Presenter: Frankie Weng, Xpeedic, Senior AE

  • Brief: This topic will deliver a dedicated EDA solution of on-chip passive EM extraction and modeling for 5G. Thanks to IRIS’s accelerated EM solver and compatibility with main foundry node, RFIC designer will get one-pass successful tape-out experience.

Trends, challenges and solutions of 5G RF front-end filters

  • Presenter: Frank Hu, Xpeedic, SiP Director

  • Brief: With the launch of 5G commercial application, the RFFEM market is experiencing a new wave of high speed growth of over 8% annually due to more CA and MIMO technologies in additional frequency bands. The modularization trend of RF front-end is more and more obvious. Compared with the traditional separation component solution, filters such as IPD, SAW and BAW are more suitable for SiP module integration. Filters account for the largest share of the global RFFEM, with shipments expected to grow from 53 billion in 2018 to about 100 billion in 2025, with an annual growth rate of close to double digits. Even a set of mature EDA tools that take into account various filter processes and designs can greatly improve the design success rate and timeliness of RFFEM …


Sept 24