DesignCon 2021


DesignCon is the premier conference for chip, board and systems design engineers in the high speed communications and semiconductor communities. The DesignCon Expo Hall offers the latest products and technologies in signal integrity and high-speed design for your current and future projects. You can test and compare emerging tools and technologies from top tier vendors.
Join Xpeedic team for interactive technical sessions and visit Xpeedic booth #913 to learn about our simulation-driven EDA solutions across chip, package and system levels for next generation high-frequency, high-speed intelligent electronic products.

Technical Sessions

Xpeedic will publish two papers at DesignCon2021. Details are as follows: 

Optimizing BGA Ball Pattern for Signal Integrity

  • Track01: Signal & Power Integrity for Single-Multi Die, Interposer & Packaging

  • Authors: Xing Wang, Lisa Wei, Mengting Liao (Cisco), Joshua Wan, Feng Ling (Xpeedic)

  • Time: Wednesday, Aug 18, 3:00-3:40pm

  • Location: Exec Ballroom 210A


Signal Integrity Analysis in Immersion Liquid Cooling

  • Track06: System Co-Design: Modeling, Simulation & Measurement Validation

  • Authors: Dan Liu, Chunjia Sun (Alibaba), Wei He, Joshua Wan (Xpeedic)

  • Time: Wednesday, Aug 18, 2:00-2:40pm

  • Location: Meeting Room 212AB


Booth Demo (#913)

Featured solution includes:

  • 2.5D/3D advanded packaging EDA platform


  • High Speed Digital SI/PI Analysis EDA Platform


DesignCon Resources Download

EDA Solution Brief


Aug 16-18

San Jose, CA