Xpeedic SI Live Demo at DesignCon2019

Hi all,

We are very glad to announce Xpeedic's high-speed signal integrity live demo series at DesignCon 2019.

The demos will focus on eight hottest topics, and will be presented by industry experts at Xpeedic booth. You will also get chance to receive the new year gifts from Xpeedic.

Signal Integrity Demo Highlights

  • IEEE P370 compatible de-embedding and quality check for measured S-parameters up to 50GHz

  • Through-Only De-embedding (TOD) and optimization based Dk/Df extraction for high-speed and wideband applications

  • Quick via modeling and optimization from connector footprint

  • Fast SI/PI simulation of 2.5D interposer with TSV

  • Fast and accurate fiber weave modeling and simulation

  • Automated crosstalk scan, impedance scan and DRC+ for signal integrity signoff

  • Automated full channel crosstalk analysis and design margin evaluation for high speed backplane systems

  • Web-based passive model management for SI/PI engineers



DesignCon2019   |    Booth 525



Jan 29-31

Santa Clara,CA