SiP China 2022 – Shenzhen

Xpeedic Technology will exhibit at SiP Conference China 2022 in Shenzhen on November 6-7, 2022.

SiP Conference China is the most influential conference in the SiP industry in China. At this year's conference, you will be provided with a whole day of keynote speeches and technical speeches, covering the latest SiP technologies, market trends, best application cases and solutions from the whole industry chain of SiP, such as system companies, IC design companies, EDA companies, OSAT companies, equipment materials companies, etc.

Dr.Feng Ling, Founder and CEO of Xpeedic Technology will serve as Chairman of SiP Conference China 2022 Shenzhen and give the keynote speech.

Dr.Wenliang Dai, Co Founder and SVP of Xpeedic Technology will serve as session leader of SiP Heterogeneous Integration forum on Nov.7 and lead the session during the conference.

Technical Presentation

Dr.Wenliang Dai will give the techinica presentation at SiP Design and Measurement Solution session.

  • Title: Chiplet Technology and Design Challenges

  • Time: November 7, 11:00AM

  • Overview: Heterogeneously integrated advanced packaging has undoubtedly become one of the most important engines driving the semiconductor industry forward in the post-Moore era. As an important application of advanced packaging technology, Chiplet is considered as a path to achieve better performance and low cost. Under the circumstance that the development of advanced process is limited, Chiplet is expected to be one of the breakthroughs in China's semiconductor industry. Dr. Dai's speech will explain the Chiplet technology, design challenges and EDA solutions.


Nov 6-7

Shenzhen, China