Senior CEM Algorithm Engineer

Workplace:Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuhan

Position Description

1.       Be responsible for developing and maintaining advanced electromagnetic solver for Xpeedic’s EDA products in the field of high-frequency and high-speed electromagnetic field simulation.

2.       Develop and research new algorithms and features of FEM solver, MoM solver or other CEM solver to improve EM engine simulation efficiency and capabilities.

3.       Co-work with Mesh Engineer to optimize mesh quality in terms of accuracy and speed based on EM solver requirements.

4.       Support post-processing team to display EM simulation results, including S-parameter, E/H, current density and so on.

5.       Quick identify and resolve customer reported challenging technical issues.

6.       Location: Shanghai and Suzhou

Position Requirements

1.       PhD Degree in electromagnetic fields and microwave techniques, Electrical Engineering or related field.

2.       A thorough understanding of computational electromagnetic (CEM), SI/PI/EMC and their software implementation, including MoM, FEM or other CEM related algorithms.

3.       Have at least 5 years of commercial software developing experience.

4.       Strong scientific programming skills in C++, familiar with Window and Linux developing environment.

5.       Good problem-solving skill and team work spirit.

6.       EDA software developing experience is a plus.


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