Press Release

EDA Release – SnpExpert 2018

We are glad to announce that Xpeedic released the S-parameter Exploration —— SnpExpert 2018 this month.

SnpExpert 2018 is a widely-adopted S-parameter exploration tool. It integrates all the S-parameter post-processing functions, and supports Python automation, DFE/CTLE auto-optimization, and new addition of 56Gbps and COM compliance.

What's new in SnpExpert 2018

  • Support Python script to invoke most SnpExpert features, including S-parameter import, plot, add mark, TDR, TOD and so on.

  • Support CTLE and DFE adaptive optimization and manual tuning features when plot eye diagram, also provide real time equalization preview plot to ease the tuning process.

  • Add new built-in compliances for S-parameter exploration, including OIF CEI_56G_LR_PAM4, OIF CEI_28G_VSR, IEEE 802.3cd, SAS 3.0, IEEE 802.3bz and MIPI D-PHY compliances.

  • Support parallelized COM analysis for IEEE 802.3cd, IEEE 802.3bs and IEEE 802.3by based on the latest compliance requirements.

  • Add “Apply to Cable/TML” option in TOD and halve S-parameter to improve long transmission line de-embedding accuracy and speed.

  • Add Open-Thru De-embedding (OTD) method for on-chip de-embedding.

  • Support both “Simplified ” and “Advanced” S-parameter cascading to accommodate difference usage scenario.

  • Support multiple data curves gating with only one click, and export the whole S-parameter after gating.

  • Support FFT_Mag(), FFT_dB(), FFT_Imag() and FFT_Real() functions for time domain data sources.

  • Support PhaseDelay() and PhaseDelayDiff() to calculate group delay of both single-ended and differential S-parameter.

  • Support horizontal line when add markers to measure delay and skew value.

  • Explicit output PASS/FAIL information for “Channel” and “Template Plot” based on compliance limit.

  • Support global variable definition and recursive invoke to better reuse between different data sources.

  • Add S, Y, Z and RF template quick plot panel in SnpExpert main window.

  • Support both single-ended and differential NEXT/FEXT/THRU S-parameter export when split S-parameter file with large number of ports.

  • Support S-parameter plot with odd number of differential pairs.

  • Support opening SnpExpert project by double click.

  • Save project status and user settings when software encounter abnormal situation.