Preliminary Modeling

Metis ——Large-capacity EM solver to enable multi-die 2.5D/3D IC SI/PI analysis



Metis is the industry's first simulation platform for advanced packaging design. Metis can be applied to electromagnetic field analysis of chips, flip-chip BGA (FCBGA) , wafer level package , multi-chiplet, 2.5D/3D advanced packaging, and co-simulation of Chip+Package . The 3D full-wave electromagnetic simulation engine can meet the efficiency and accuracy requirements for signal and power modeling in heterogeneous integration designs, and can support cross-scale simulations from nanometer to centimeter levels.

Electromagnetic modeling for advanced packaging requires accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use. Metis based on the Method of Moments EM field analyisi, which can accurately characterize the skin effect and proximity effect of conductors. Intelligent hybrid mesh and automatic tunneling mesh technology not only meet the accuracy requirements, but also control the mesh scale, which makes it possible large-scale EM modeling. Compared with the traditional method, Metis has great advantages in computing speed and memory consumption for various packaging structures.

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Key Features 1696749638582079.jpg

• Electromagnetic field analysis of various advanced packaging structures, fast and accurate solution for signal and power network modeling. Combined with the built-in 3DIC and Package simulation wizard process, it is easy to complete the analysis for 2.5D/3D and FCBGA package.

• The improved MOM Solver Plus solver and intelligent mesh technology meet the requirements of large-scale heterogeneous integrated packaging and high-frequency applications.

• Support multi-core and multi-machine parallel computing, effectively speeding up simulation.

• The easy-of-use multi-design stacking feature makes it easy to complete the Chip + Package co-simulation.

• Metis has rich pre-simulation functions: Transmission-line characteristic impedance calculation; Pre-evaluation based on Interposer template; Transmission-line routing analysis based on customized transmission-line template,supports S-parameter and frequency-dependent RLCG parameter extraction.

• Pre-defined three simulation modes, Speed, Balanced and Accuracy, which makes it easy for complicated EM settings and meets requirements for different design stages