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Hermes X3D——Quick RLGC Extraction for Power/PKG/Touch Panel



Hermes is the industry's leading system-level three-dimensional electromagnetic field simulation platform, which provides package and board-level signal interconnection model extraction, electromagnetic simulation of any three-dimensional structure, RLGC parameter extraction and board-level antenna simulation. Based on the self-developed three-dimensional full-wave high-precision electromagnetic simulation engine, it can meet the efficiency and accuracy requirements of 3D modeling solutions, and can support cross-scale simulations from nanometer to centimeter levels. Distributed parallel computing capabilities help users efficiently complete accurate modeling and simulations and achieve rapid iteration of product design and development.

Hermes X3D is one of the processes of Hermes . It uses the quasi-static MOM algorithm to extract RLGC parameters from the interconnection structure , and can also generate equivalent SPICE models and S -parameter models. These models can be used for signal integrity analysis, power system PDN analysis and EMC analysis to guide design. They are ideal for parasitic parameter extraction of advanced electronic packages and other passive interconnect structures in high-speed digital designs.

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Key Features 1696749638582079.jpg

• Support RLGC extraction of advanced electronic packages with high low-frequency accuracy and fast simulation speed and analysis of various package types such as Wirebond , QFN and BGA .

• Support power PDN analysis, and can extract the RLCG model of the electronic system power supply network for power integrity analysis, making full use of its high accuracy at low frequencies and extraction speed advantages.

• Support the generation of equivalent Spice circuit models and S- parameter models for signal integrity analysis, power integrity analysis and electromagnetic compatibility analysis.

• Rich field diagram display, including electric field, magnetic field and current density display.

• High-precision capacitance parameter extraction can be used for touch screen design.

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