Press Release

EDA Release – JobQueue 2018

We are glad to announce that Xpeedic released the simulation job queue system —— JobQueue 2018 this month.

JobQueue 2018 is an industry-leading simulation job management platform with dynamic allocation of computing resource, validity checking, HPC/PBS, and real-time display of simulation results to improve tool usage.

What's new in JobQueue 2018

  • Support both local and distributed run when submit simulation job.

  • Supported to configure HFSS project validation checking rules, and ●supported setting with each queue.

  • Supported to display job stat information of queue.

  • Supported to configure memory limitation of node.

  • Supported to set priority of job.

  • Supported to delete completed job by system administrator.

  • Supported to set max job submitted by user.

  • Added abstract information of job on usable queue on submition page, and display queue loading by different color.

  • Try to submit HFSS job automatically if error occured on checking license.

  • Supported to display node resource of job.

  • Supported to submit single frequency HFSS project job.

  • Optimized job time information on list, add job simulation duration column.

  • Added job status for waiting for license after submited.

  • Added getting error message of simulation and display on error information page.

  • Supported queue number of job on none-cluster job system.

  • Supported to search job by node address.

  • Added operation system exception detecting and handling.

  • Added to detect simulation started out of system.

  • Added warning and comfirming if user try to leave page before submitted job.

  • Optimized rule of generating job data directory.