Press Release

Xpeedic Releases High Speed EDA Solution 2021


Cupertino, CA. — Aug 18, 2021 —Xpeedic today released its high-speed EDA solution 2021 at DesignCon 2021, It is taking place at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, CA. on Aug 16-18.


  1. Release 2021 features the breakthrough accelerated Method of Moments (MoM) solver in its EM simulation tool Metis for 2.5D/3DIC advanced packaging designs. The new solver delivers unprecedented speed and memory performance with uncompromised accuracy. The unique speed-balanced-accuracy modes allow users to choose based on their scenarios to achieve speed-accuracy trade-off.

  2. Release 2021 features the new generation Finite Element Method (FEM) solver in its 3D EM simulation tool Hermes 3D. This solver addition allows the simulation of arbitrarily 3D structures including wire-bonding packages, connectors and cables, fiber weaves, and more.

  3. Parallelism is supported for both multi-core and multi-computer distributed environments. Matrix-level distributed parallelism enables large-scale simulation in a cloud.

  4. The expert suite of tools including SnpExpert, ViaEpxert, CableExpert, TmlExpert and ChannelExpert are improved with the new solvers and the new features based on customers’ requests. Ease of use is further enhanced across all the tools by more built-in templates and guided flows.

  5. The high-speed SI sign-off tool Heracles further enhances its full-board crosstalk scan capability by the improved hybrid solver technology. More SI related ERCs are implemented in response to our customers' requests.   

"Xpeedic continues to drive innovation in the EM solver space. We are committed to provide EDA solutions from chip, package to board with accuracy, performance, and ease of use to meet our customers’ requirements" said Dr. Ling Feng, CEO of Xpeedic, "Release 2021 of our high-speed EDA solution delivers significant performance and throughput improvements. The new solver capabilities address the challenges our customers are facing in designing 2.5D/3DIC with up to 10x speed and memory improvement compared to the leading solution in the market. The distributed computing enables our customers to harness the power of the cloud.”


“As the first batch of Xpeedic Release 2021 users, we are glad to see that it is armed with powerful multi-core and multi-computer parallel computing technology and significantly improves the simulation efficiency. In addition, this version also introduces advanced analysis feature for DDR analysis, Tuning, parametric sweep, and optimization and the new enhancements around vias, cables, transmission lines and S-parameter processing effectively accelerate our product design.”

ZhongMin Wei, Project Manager of ZTE

"We are very pleased to see the breakthrough Xpeedic has made in advanced packaging analysis. Metis 2021 has a powerful multi-scale EM simulation engine, which provides not only an automated interconnect extraction flow for high-speed HBM and SERDES link on interposer, but also a Die-Interposer-PKG co-simulation flow for coupling effect between the chip and package, which has become an indispensable part of the advanced packaging design."

HongCheng Yin, VP Engineering of UNISOC