Press Release

Xpeedic Releases EDA 2022 edition at DAC 2022


San Francisco, CA — Jul 13, 2022 —Xpeedic today released its EDA 2022 edition at DAC 2022, the premier conference for the design and design automation of electronic circuits and systems,which is taking place in San Francisco, CA, June 10-14, 2022.

 Xpeedic EDA 2022 has many important functions and upgrades in the areas of advanced packaging, high-speed design and RF EM analysis. Driven by heterogeneous integration and system analysis, Xpeedic EDA 2022 supports both advanced nodes and advanced packaging to enable next generation high-frequency, high-speed integrated system. 

Release Highlights

2.5D/3D Advanced Packaging

  • 2.5D/3DIC advanced packaging design EM simulation platform, Metis 2022 improved Method of Moments (MoM) solver and delivers better performance and usability. Wizard flows are added for 3DIC and Package design analysis with step-by-step operations. Many advanced functions are improved, including TSV supports, PEC ports, Die-Package stacking enhancements, etc..


  • 3D electromagnetic simulation tool, Hermes 2022 adopted new adaptive mesh technology and brought higher simulation accuracy, and other improvements for usability and performance, such as E/H field display, layout editing, wirebond batch editing, etc..

Circuit Simulation

  • Circuit time domain and frequency domain SPICE simulation platform, ChannelExpert 2022 adds the support of DDR5 IBIS/AMI model simulation and the function of hierarchical schematic. It also includes other circuit analysis such as statistical, COM, DOE, etc..

High-Speed System

  • Hermes PSI 2022 is a new easy-to-use simulation platform for IC/Package / Board level signal integrity, power integrity, model extraction and electrothermal analysis in high-speed design.

RF Analysis

  • RF system-level design and simulation platform, XDS 2022, provides schematic design and simulation, post-layout electromagnetic simulation, EM-circuit co-simulation and tuning/optimization.