Press Release

Xpeedic EDA Tools Selected to be in ICC EDA Platform

Shanghai, China. – December 24, 2015 – Xpeedic, a leading provider of EDA, IPD and SiP solution, today announced the partnership with Shanghai ICC (IC Industry Promotion Center).Xpeedic’s EDA flagship tools in high speed digital and RF IC designs are now part of ICC’s EDA service platform.

In order to promote the development of the IC design industry and to create a low-cost, low-risk design environment for the majority of design firms, ICC Shanghai has established an EDA software and hardware platform, providing SMEs with advanced software, hardware design verification environment, strict data security and sound technical support.

“On our platform, currently we only accommodate the software vendors with industry-proven and widely-adopted EDA solution such as the top three –Synopsys, Cadence and Mentor Graphics. The platform carefully selected two domestic EDA leaders and Xpeedic is one of them. It is for sure that cooperating with these EDA software companies, we will help more SMEs to adopt the world-leading solutions, ” said the leader at the ICC EDA platform.

“Rapidly growing data demand has driven the growth of mobile broadband, wifi, IoT, and cloud computing, fueling the development of network, devices, and applications. High speed communication link and RF front end designs, which directly contributes to the bandwidth of the data transmission, becomes more and more challenging because of the ever increasing data rate and frequency band allocation,” . said Dr. Ling, CEO of Xpeedic. ”Xpeedic's RF IC and high speed SI solution provide a fast and accurate way to enable engineers to design with confidence, shorten the design cycle, and thus reduce the time to market. . With this partnership with ICC, we expect to help more domestic SMEs with the best tools and design the next generation electronic devices.

Xpeedic EDA modules included in ICC EDA platform are IRIS for RFIC passive extraction , SnpExpert for S-parameter exploration, ViaExpert for 3D Via Modeling and Simulation, and ChannelExpert for high speed channel exploration.