Press Release

EDA Release – SnpExpert 2017

Xpeedic released the industry-leading s-parameter exploration tool —— SnpExpert 2017 within its high speed signal integrity EDA solution this month.

SnpExpert 2017 provides a quick way to understand the electrical characteristics of the passive interconnectors in a system by not only viewing the S-parameter in frequency domain but also examining the time domain reflectometry(TDR) . It is a complete s-parameter post-processing solution, including gating, de-embedding, TDR/TDT, PAM4 eye diagram, Dk/Df extraction, s-parameter cascading.

What's new in SnpExpert 2017

  • Support PAM-4 eye diagram, also add CTLE, FFE and FIR for Tx or Rx during eye diagram calculation.

  • For optimization based Dk and Df extraction flow, support dk, df and surface roughness as optimization targets, also support microstrip, stripline and CPW as built-in transmission line.

  • Implementation of Ribbon UI with the modern look and feel  as Microsoft Office products.

  • Support asymmetric TOD w/ and w/o fixture A or fixture B.

  • Support batch TOD calculation.

  • Support S-parameter cascading based on port connection relations.

  • Support single-ended crosstalk analysis in addition to differential pairs.

  • Support multiple S-parameter file average function to ensure both single-ended and differential data accuracy, and remove unwanted frequency points.

  • Add unwrap and moving_average functions to unwrap phase and calculate group delay.

  • Export detail TDT matrix between each victim and aggressor.

  • Explicitly output PASS/FAIL information for “Template Plot” based on compliance limit.

  • Add IL_fitted, ILD_rms and ICR_fit for template plot.

  • Update transformer L/Q/K/M calculation formula to accommodate both sequence and odd-even port type.

  • Add S-parameter and TDR quick plot panel in SnpExpert main window.

  • Enhance legend table to make it resizable.

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