Press Release

EDA Release – ChannelExpert 2017

Xpeedic released the industry-leading high speed channel exploration tool —— ChannelExpert 2017 within its high speed signal integrity EDA solution this month.

ChannelExpert 2017 provides a full channel extraction and simulation solution based on dual engines in frequency domain and time domain. The latest update supports IEEE specs compliance mask, calculation of Channel Operation Margin (COM) and crosstalk, NRZ evaluation, and PAM4 eye-diagram check.

What's new in ChannelExpert 2017

  • Implementation of Ribbon UI with the modern look and feel  as Microsoft Office products.

  • Built-in leading edge S-parameter based fast circuit solver to support latest IBIS and AMI model, even the next generation modulation PAM-4.

  • Support statistical eye diagram analysis with IBIS AMI model, designers can accurately simulate bit error rate measurements in a single simulation and display bathtub plots in what used to require a million transient simulations to attain the same coverage.

  • Accurate modeling of SERDES pre-emphasis and equalizers for AMI model with both NRZ and PAM-4 modulation, also provide GUI interface to modify equalizer parameters.

  • Support the latest version of input/output/IO IBIS model for SI simulation, and provide IBIS setting window for user to configure PKG parameters, model and other parameters.

  • Support BP channel quick creation and fast parametric sweep with built-in WYSIWYG slot number flow.

  • Support multiple LC and FC boards interconnect with backplane by pin mapping for BP template flow.

  • Full channel crosstalk analysis automation with only one click, including NEXT, FEXT, ICN, ILD, ICR, TDR and so on.

  • Powerful parallelized COM calculation to qualify a channel in the context of built-in specification, including 100GBASE-CR4, 100GBASE-KP4, 100GBASE-KR4, CAUI-4_C2C and so on.

  • Tabular COM values display and 2D CTLE, PDF, ISI, Jitter and ICR plotting help user get intuitive understanding of high speed channel performance.

  • Support both unencrypted and encrypted HSPICE subcircuit transient analysis with fast simulation speed.

  • Support several independent excitation sources, such as pattern source, PRBS, pulse, PWL and DC voltage.

  • Code-level integration of SnpExpert S-parameter plotting feature to improve ChannelExpert usability and dependency.

  • Seamlessly integrate ViaExpert model into ChannelExpert, and improve Xpeedic high speed tools’ interaction.

  • Add several built-in components to full cover high speed channel analysis, including single-ended and differential eye probe, TX/RX AMI, R/L/C lumped elements and so on.

  • Easy differential pair and crosstalk victim/aggressor setup.

  • Support multiple pins connected directly to the same port.

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