Press Release

EDA Release – Hermes 2018

We are glad to announce that Xpeedic released the package and system SI analysis —— Hermes 2018 this month.

Hermes2018 is a co-simulation platform for chip, packaging and PCB, and based on the leading FEM3D and Hybrid simulation engine technology. It introduces two efficient simulation processes (Hermes SI and Hermes RF) for high speed and RF applications in this release, which not only satisfies the fast simulation requirements for high-speed SerDes and DDR on the packaging and board level, but also meets the RF/digital hybrid simulation requirements, prompting the evolution of advanced packaging and high-speed signal simulation technology.

What's hot in Hermes 2018

  • Support net based signal integrity analysis flow to quick create package and PCB simulation project, and explore high speed SerDes, DDR and RF/Digital mixed SI issues in Hermes SI and Hermes RF flow.

  • Built-in fast 3D FEM solver and leading edge hybrid solver offers better capacity and speed compared to other tools in market.

  • Optimized tetrahedron mesh improves simulation speed and precision, also provides "Speed" and "Accuracy" mesh strategy to improve simulation efficiency without sacrifice accuracy based on user scenario.

  • Support multiple layout formats import, including *.brd, *.sip, *.mcm, ODB++ and *.vsf.

  • Support Adaptive frequency sweep and multi-threading processing technology to achieve excellent performance speedup.

  • Support "Rect","Poly" and "Auto" simulation model cut methods to give user flexible select of SI critical areas.

  • Support several port excitation to meet different usage scenario, including lumped port, coax port, wave port, ring port and RLC boundary.

  • 3D-View makes the model check easier.

  • Integrate SnpExpert into Hermes to automate S-parameter and TDR plot.

  • Easy export Hermes simulation project to HFSS for easy verification.