Xpeedic Announces Release of IRIS Platform Version 2014.01

      Suzhou, China. -Jul. 30, 2014 -Xpeedic today releases three enhanced solutions (IRIS, iModeler and iVerifier) under IRIS platform version 2014.01 which will greatly accelerate RFIC passive extraction, PDK model generation and verification.  In the latest release of IRIS platform,  the mesh and solver technologies are further improved along with the new features such as auto HFSS project export and frequency and temperature dependent material support.

      IRIS 2014.01 solution helps RFIC designers to quickly simulate the passives and interconnects of interest and then verify the design by automatically back-annotating the EM simulation to schematic. The solution greatly helps RFIC designers to reduce the design cycle and achieve first-pass silicon success.

      iModeler 2014.01 solution accelerates the PDK model generation by built-in parameterized layout for passive devices and fast IRIS mesh and solver technologies.

      iVerifier 2014.01 solution enables users to assess the PDK model quality by sweeping the parameters and evaluating the key metrics of the PDK elements.